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With more than twenty years of experience, Manis & Ryan prepares Medicare Cost Reports for health care providers nationwide, from way up there in frigid Alaska, down into balmy Puerto Rico.      

Your Medicare Cost Report is the critical financial document CMS uses to help set future Medicare Payment Rates.  It’s just that important.  Take a look at the small print below your signature on the report: you’ll see that CMS estimates the time to complete the Cost Report process to be at least 176 hours.  In other words, if you had one person perform every step, the estimated hours would amount to at least 4 to 5 weeks of work.  CMS also provides you a window of 5 months to file your Cost Report (no extensions allowed!).   With this much time allotted, the message is clear: CMS fully expects your Medicare Cost Report to be prepared accurately and filed on time.

To prepare your Medicare Cost Report, Manis & Ryan uses our own Web-Based CMS-Approved Cost Reporting Software: “Spirit of 1728”. 


Your Medicare Cost Report is only as good as the accounting used to prepare it.  And CMS’s accounting regulations are every bit as complex as the regulations governing preparation the Medicare Cost Report itself.

Clients nationwide trust Manis & Ryan to help establish their accounting practices and recordkeeping, to insure all financial and statistical data reconciles seamlessly into their Medicare Cost Report.  (This, believe it or not, helps you sleep at night.)

Please review our Accounting Checklist, attached.  Let us know, by checking the corresponding boxes, those service which interest you; which you’d like to discuss and perhaps have us provide.  Select only those services you want; you are not obligated to retain us for every service.

Finally, a good thing to remember:  The Medicare Program reimburses healthcare providers nationwide, collectively, billions of dollars.  That’s billions with a “B”.  CMS, in exchange, wants an accounting of that - an accurate accounting.  We suggest you trust the experts with your accounting: Trust Manis & Ryan.

Medicare Consulting

In Medicare, a straight answer is everything.  You, after all, spend hours not getting one.  Nothing saves you time like getting to the point.  Patrick Manis and Greg Ryan worked in management at the largest Fiscal Intermediary in the nation, having conducted Medicare consulting from Boston to San Diego.  We have built relationships with Providers, Fiscal Intermediaries, CMS, and industry colleagues coast-to-coast.  Our knowledge of the complex regulations that govern the Medicare Program helps navigate clients through Medicare’s turbulent seas.   So, if you want straight answers, just call.

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Plain & simple, our goal is to provide you with answers. We do so by combining new age technologies with old fashioned service. For us, your trust is everything. And nothing enhances our reputation more than the ringing endorsement of a satisfied client. It is, after all, why we’re still here.

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We have established professional relationships with the Provider Community, Fiscal Intermediaries, and CMS.  More>>

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At Manis & Ryan we are committed to helping our clients meet today's challenges and tomorrow's goals. Developing next- generation technology and services to help your company reach it's business objectives. Cutting edge technology with old fashioned service.


We offer demo versions of our Spirit of 1728 software programs for your review. Experience the ease of use and functionality of our software before you buy. Give us a call at (805) 523-7364 for more info!

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